Aer Lingus Airlines Check-In | +1(805)-221-8292

Aer Lingus Airlines Check-In Policy is known to be one of the simplest. Aer Lingus Airlines is an Irish airline, serving its passengers for the last many years and is best known for providing cheap and reliable services. It is a 4 star rated airline providing reliable and quality experience to its passengers.

Aer Lingus Airlines Check-In at Airport

  • Aer Lingus Airlines check-in policy recommends its passengers check-in at least three hours and 30 minutes prior to their flight’s departure time if the passengers are flying long-haul.
  • Aer Lingus Airlines recommends its passengers check-in at least two hours and 30 minutes prior to their flight’s departure time if they’re flying short-haul.
  • If the flight passengers depart Dublin Airport between 06:00 and 08:00 a.m., they can check in between 04:00-05:00 p.m. the night before.
  • As per the Aer Lingus Airlines check-in policy, for check-in and drop off bags, each passenger must provide their passports/IDs, although if travelling with immediate family, one member of the family can check in and drop off their bags for the entire group.
  • Passengers are advised to be at the airport 90 minutes prior to their flight departs, as the passenger has to go through the security checkups and have to enter the gate and this procedure sometimes can take a lot of time according to Aer Lingus Airlines Check-In.
Aer Lingus Airlines Check-In

Aer Lingus Check-In Via Phone Call

Checking in via a phone call is one of the simplest and the easiest processes, as the passenger doesn’t have to go through the check-in process online and don’t have to wait at the check-in counter, just by dialling Aer Lingus Airlines phone number which is +1(805)-221-8292, all the work is to be done by the Aer Lingus Airlines check-in executives, passengers just have to tell the detail of their flight booking, name or any other detail asked by the executive, and after that, all the procedure will be done by the Aer Lingus Airlines executives.

  • Aer Lingus Airlines Check-in via phone call can be done at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and up to 30 hours in advance.
  • If the passenger is travelling from continental Europe, then the phone call check-in is possible up to 4 hours and 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Passengers must know that baggage acceptance at European airports begins two hours and thirty minutes before departure.
  • After checking in through a phone call, passengers can download the check-in documents as is required at the time of the check-in process. Just in case the passenger has lost the documents, they can simply visit the Aer Lingus Airlines check-in counter and as for the documents, without any delay, our executives will provide you with the documents.
  • All the passengers have their seats assigned to them automatically. To change their seat at Aer Lingus Airlines passengers can contact Aer Lingus Airlines phone number which is +1(805)-221-8292.
  • Passengers with online boarding pass departing from the United States must check in at the specialized online check-in counter at the airport at least 45 minutes before their scheduled departure time.

Aer Lingus Airlines advises the passenger to make sure they allow enough time to pass through security, check their bags, and so on at the airport.

Passengers on Aer Lingus Airlines can print boarding passes using their PNR number. Or can c Call Aer Lingus Airlines customer care at +1(805)-221-8292 and the passenger can request that their boarding pass be sent to their registered email address. If the passenger has arrived at the airport without their Aer Lingus Airlines boarding card, they can check their Aer Lingus Airlines flight itinerary at the Aer Lingus Airlines airport kiosk.